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Monday, April 16, 2007

Good for a Monday

I heard his voice today and he sounded great. He’s doing just fine and sounded perfect. It really makes my day when we get to talk. Yay!
I’m still unpacking my house (how much stuff do I have?!) and I’m really tired of it too. It is taking me forever and I don’t see as much progress as I did before. Honestly, I’m unpacking everyday! There just seems to be more and more stuff. I worked yesterday on Analeise’s room (AKA - the room with all the extra stuff) and looked in the boxes and organized what there. Time is getting short and I need to start making it a baby room. I’m just not sure now where it’s all going to fit; is it possible my new apartment is too small? I’m starting feel that way but that’s a very scary thought. Hopefully, getting things put away (drawers, closets, etc.) will help build a more positive feeling with the new house. I’d really hate to move again.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's my earth too!

I'm going green and becoming (even more so) a tree hugger. The use of chemicals in everyday items is my first concern. I don't like the way chemicals, soap and impurities work there way into our ground water. I'm making some necessary changes to live a better "green" life. I know, I know.....I'm just one person but I want to make a difference. Starting small and making 1 change at a time can help leave a better (smaller) footprint on the earth.
Next, I'm using canvas shopping bags and buying a very good doormat.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Home? House?

I've been in the new house 1 week (tomorrow) and it's still feels like I'm living in a stranger's house. Its really difficult making the switch and feeling more comfortable. Every night, I work on unpacking my boxes and putting stuff away. I try to make it more like home; more familiar. I'm not sure how long it will take (hopefully, it will happen) but I want it to be soon. I just feel so out of place.
Ollie The Cat (aka Roscoe) feels it too. I've never heard him meow so much. All night long or the early morning he meows, growls and roams around. Looking for our old house? I don't know?

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I'm keeping track

He’s been gone for 2 days (almost 3) and it seems like such a long time already. This is the 3rd time and by far the most difficult. I just miss him so much already. It looks like he’ll be gone for 15 months now and not the 12 we’ve (I’ve) been planning. Today, that seems like an eternity and I just want to cry.
I know he’s going to be fine. This is one of those times; I’m worried how I’ll be ok without him. Being without him these last few days reminds me exactly how much he is part of my life. There is a HUGE hole now that’s he gone.
I told him Monday, “I’m not going to say goodbye. Goodbye is just something I’m not prepared to deal with, so we’re just treating this as you going to work (for an extended time). I’m not going to be able to talk to you as much as I’d like, but we’re still going to be alright”.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Big Move

The “big move” was this weekend and I’m happy to say I (and all my stuff) survived. Overall, it went very smoothly but every day was long and exhausting. I moved this time by myself. It was overwhelming.

Friday the movers arrived and took a LONG TIME loading and unloading my boxes and furniture. What seemed like an eternity later (with the clock running) all my worldly goods moved the few blocks to my town home. I was left with boxes, furniture and a mess now on two floors. The next 2 days I spent between both my old and new homes; cleaning, moving, painting and packing.
All that's left now is unpacking.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Can't say goodbye

He's gone but I couldn't say goodbye. I didn't even want him to say, "take care of yourself". It all just seems to final. I can't deal with him leaving and being without him. I'll miss him too much....I need him too much. At the end of our last conversation tonight, (I promised him I wouldn't cry) I could hear the tears in his voice. My life is with him.


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