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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


TS is in Iraq. He'll be there for quite a bit longer. It's hard (for him, of course) and I miss him everyday. I'm lucky, he's able to call relatively often and is in a safe place (as safe as can be). All of this makes it easier (for me) but I still know (and never forget) he's in a war zone and working really hard.
I send him packages almost every week. I love doing it and it helps me feel closer to him. When I buy things I'm always thinking about him. It's often silly things or snacks I know he'll like, crackers, gum, DVDs, drink mix, etc. I'm happy to think of the smile on his face when he opens the box and sees what I've picked. I always write a note in a card in the box too. I want him to be happy and make his life easier. There's always extra stuff in there too for the guys he works with, they all need all help.
I just sent a box today and it should be there next week. This weekend I'll start picking new items for the next package. I'll keep this process going until he comes ago.


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