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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How and how?

"How? How do you handle it? What’s it like with him being gone so long? I couldn’t handle it with my husband gone!" People ask me many questions when they find out TS has deployed. Most of the time I don’t mind answering and people are generally supportive. It only really bothers me when they question the dedication of our soldiers or are generally unsupportive (of them).
How do I handle it?
It’s pretty simple; I just get through each day. After each day, soon it’s been a week, and then it’s a month. It’s all I can do and it works the best for me. Don’t get me wrong, I miss him desperately. I look at his pictures, email and write him, think about our conversations and memories, I’m still sleeping with his t-shirt, and just miss him so much. There are good days and some bad days too. I want to speak to him when I have both. I’m also very lucky and am able to speak to him on a regular basis. It helps.
This morning I looked at my calendar and all the days to fill until he comes home again. It’s still 200 plus but after today it will be one less. I’m keeping myself busy with what to do for his Christmas and when I need to send it all. The time will go quickly (I hope) and everyday brings him one step closer.


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